Chef Jimmy Ly Talks Style Tips and Kitchen Gear for Making His Rad Pho

In the realm of brothy goodness, there are countless cultures and cuisines constantly vying for the top spot—but it’s the vast array of delicious soups and noodle dishes that makes Vietnamese cooking stand out. ‘Vietnamese food includes lots of different soups,’ Jimmy Ly, chef/owner at Madame Vo in Manhattan’s East Village—and self-proclaimed hypebeast—tells VICE. ‘It’s very typical to have a broth dish at every meal, including breakfast.’ At Madame Vo, (the best Vietnamese spot in the city, IMO) Ly is known for his signature 24-hour simmered beef pho—but he also does incredible vegan pho, bun bo Hue, stir fries, wings, banh xeo (a type of Vietnamese crêpe), and other dishes that make venturing out during even the most sweltering of NYC summers absolutely worth it.